Operation Outbreak

Operation Outbreak (O2) in an infectious disease preparation, education, and data generation platform. First, O2 allows training for outbreak response in a safe environment that enables participants to experience and learn from the behaviors that arise in such emergencies. Second, it offers an engaging educational experience in the biology and epidemiology of infectious diseases, as well as practical skills across several domains. Third, it provides a new system for data generation and epidemiological modeling of outbreaks, which can be used to develop new tools for real world settings. O2 integrates a classroom curriculum incorporating science-learning and humanities-learning objectives, with an experiential learning campus-wide outbreak simulation. The simulation is mediated by a mobile app that uses bluetooth communication to spread a virtual pathogen among the participants of the simulated outbreak.

Our goal is to make O2 available to any schools or organizations around the world interested in using this tool for outbreak preparedness, education, and data generation. Check the about section to learn more about the possibility to organize your own outbreak simulation using O2!